R&D (Research & Development)

The team of RDC Aqualines design department and testing group develops technical appearance,
hydro and aerodynamic scheme, ekranoplan control systems.

Built & Tested

During the work on EP-15 project were built and tested:

  • series of towed models for tests in experimental tank and on open water;
  • radio-controlled models for water and snow/ice;
  • manned model – EP-2 ekranoplan;

Within the framework of R&D we cooperate with such leading profile institutions as :


The manufacturing site of the project is NPO Aerotechnologies situated in Nizhnyi Novgorod.
The enterprise consolidates design office and aircraft building factory that has Industry
and Trade Ministry License for aviation equipment development and AR IAC Certificate
for approbation of manufacturing organization.

This site also implements programs for manufacturing of multi-purpose light-duty airplanes Discovery-201 and XL-2, and for the new generation high-speed hydrofoil crafts.