RDC Aqualines project work unites different avation and shipbuilding experts.
In addition to the company’s full-time employees, within the framework of this project we cooperate with a wide network of contractors and partners from scientific institutions and design offices, aviation building enterprises, with the experts from experimental aviation and professional test pilots.

RDC Aqualines Team



Founder & CEO

Pavel is the entrepreneur and general manager of several businesses. Apart from this RDC Aqualines, he runs the RDC Co holding that unites four different business directions with the total number of employees of 120 persons. Ph.D., EMBA (Stockholm School of Economics).


Denis Brebant

Aerospace – Paris

30+ years experience in Aerospace-Security-Defense and Aeronautical, Infrastructures (Airport) sectors. General Management, Chief Finance Officer, Business Strategy: AEROSPATIALE- EADS (AIRBUS GROUP) Deputy to senior VP Mergers and acquisitions VP Strategy – EADS (AIRBUS GROUP) Space & Defence VP Sales and marketing Asia GIE ATR 42 and 72 seaters regional aircraft.


Alexander S

Manufacturing Technology chief engineer

Alexander is a specialist in the field of design, construction, and testing of ekranoplan prototypes as a leading specialist participated in a series of towing tests and tests of remotely controlled models as part of R&D of RDC Aqualines projects. Alexander has several years of previous experience in naval architect design within the team of SeaTech Design Bureau.


Alexander Z

Technical director

Alexander is the aviation professional with the dozens of years of experience in the field of aviation RnD programs management from the stage of the technical proposal to the construction of an engineering prototype. In particular, he was involved in the several aviation defense sector’s RnD including MIG jet fighter aircraft in Russia, Airbus operations in France. Previously he was also the chief executive officer of the company that includes Design and Engineering Bureau equipped with a production facility.



Key Account Manager

Alisa is a specialist in PR and maintains the smooth functioning of the RDC Aqualines office. She has 8 years of experience working with clients, including 4 years of successful project management and optimization of the operation of RDC Co. businesses.



Chief designer of the Ground-Effect-Vehicles Sector

Kirill is a specialist in the field of design, mathematical modeling and analysis of air-and hydrodynamic arrangement characteristics of ekranoplans and hydrofoil craft. He has a practical experience in realization of high-speed craft projects from the stage of an original drawing to the engineering prototype. Kirill has several years of previous experience GEVs and other high-speed maritime mobility solutions design within the team of the Alexeyev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau.



Chief designer of the Hydrofoil Vessels Sector

Mikhail is a specialist in the field of design, testing, and production of high-speed maritime mobility solutions. He has many years of previous experience of running his own business in the field of high-speed maritime mobility solutions design and manufacturing as well as working with the team of the Alexeyev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau.



Mechanical Systems chief engineer

Vladislav is a specialist in the field of design, testing, and production of high-speed craft’s mechanical systems. He has practical experience in participation of project implementation related to the high-speed craft of different types, including working with the team of the Alexeyev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau and Aviatika Design Bureau.



Technical representative in Europe

William is a specialist in aerodynamics and aviation programs management. After graduation from the university, he had accomplished his internship in the Safran Aircraft Engine design office and further in the RDC Aqualines development center in Russia. He is the practicing pilot.
Amongst other achievements, William had accomplished the project of manufacturing facility in India for a tier 1 Dassault subcontractor.



Assistant Administrator

Tatyana is a specialist in interaction with foreign partners in the field of aviation, with ten years of experience in international project management, translation of technical, financial and other types of documents, and English-Russian interpretation during business meetings. She has taken part in collaboration with such foreign partners of Russian companies as Indian Airforce, Alenia Aermacchi S.p.A. (Italy), Discovery Aviation, Inc. (USA), and Pratt & Whitney (Moscow branch).




Vladimir is a hydrofoil wing configuration design engineer. His graduation thesis at Nizhny Novgorod Polytechnic College named after A.P. Rudnev described a hydrofoil that he had designed. Vladimir has won the first prize in a Ship of the Future competition and taken part in the renovation of the Vodnik camp under the auspices of Volga State University of Water Transport. He has attended 3D modelling training courses at Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R.E. Alekseev.